New Trangia 25-8 Stove

We had an excellent oatmeal breakfast with the Trangia 25-8 stove this morning. This is a new purchase for us. We decided to move into the bigger size to make meal preparation for 2 a bit easier. It is a bit heavier than our previous mini-Trangia but much faster when cooking for more than one person. There are quite a few options for the Trangia stoves. We chose the hard anodized to make clean up quicker but to not have to worry so much about preserving the non-stick surface. Even with a sticky meal like oatmeal, clean up was a breeze. Just boil some water in the used pot while you enjoy your meal in another container and scrape out the residue. As simple as that! Another highlight of this stove is the relatively small amount of fuel it takes to boil water and prepare the meal. We use denatured alcohol, available almost anywhere, and have found it to be cheap, lightweight and very efficient. Hope you have a great end to you Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Good health and good hiking to you!

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