Planning an Adventure?

Now is the time of year that many start thinking about or planning for their next adventure. This may be a short trip to a neighboring state or a 12 hour plane ride away. Either way, be sure to do your homework prior to heading out the door. It can save you a lot of time, alot of money and alot of heartache.

For many, the idea of a trip to the coast to enjoy some fun in the sun as well as go scuba diving, might seem like an easy trip to plan with little to think about beyond taking the right clothes and getting the hotel with the perfect view. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Your scuba instructor may neglect to tell you of the dangers of flying shortly after being at depth. If you haven’t thought about it before hand, that flight the next morning home may not be safe to take. Not thinking about the fact that your off-roading adventure is at 9,000 feet, could leave you with an unexpected trip to the ED.

These are all reasons to consult with your Primary Care Provider or a travel expert prior to all of your adventures. Getting travel insurance can also help you to avoid the costs of such mistakes, should you happen to forget something or take an unexpected adventure on a whim. Please feel free to ask any such questions in the comments section. While I cannot provide medical advice, not knowing your entire medical profile, I am happy to give some friendly fellow traveler advice. Happy travels and Good Health to You!

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